May 19, 2015

Anatomy of an Animal Rights Activist

Its easy to spot an animal rights activist. Even without the signs, buttons megaphones, they are a pretty homogeneous group . Here is a handy guide to spotting this mostly urban phenonomon.

Unstyled hair, no make up
Because cruelty free products are so expensive, elusive. Plus who has the time?

Tiny, thin frame
From eating to live and all those healthy low cal fruit and veggies.

Indeterminate age
A vegan diet is the youthful diet. AR actvists range in age from 3-99 so who knows.

Message tee
Because AR activists wear their heart on their chest.

And accessories

Message tote
And bags. Totes or messenger bags are de rigeuour  as their  roominess is handy for stashing literature, flyers, as well as carrying a vegan packed lunch, nuts and seeds to feed wildlife, books on AR facts and philosophy. All within easy reach to enlighten or for use when debating with non AR people.

Vegan shoes
Expensive or cheap, a must have.

Pleather jacket
Another must have.

Jeans, jean shorts
Not Levis.

Big smile
Because a cruelty free life is a happy life.

And a healthy, high energy one.

Peace sign
Because its life.

Where to spot an AR activist:

-Special days include Fur free friday, International Day of Protest  Against Dog Meat, International Day of Protest Against Animal Testing, International Day for Elephants, Rhinos ( new)NARD (National Animal Rights Day)
-In front of slaughter houses
-Outside fur establishments
-holding hand written signs in front of animals innuse or there pets in support of a campaign, when travelling.

To feed wild life, commune with nature and get your daily Vitamin D needs met.

Health food stores
Here they buy their groceries and B12.
AR activist love to shop for vegan food. Many activists are also foodies thus the proliferation of blogs, websites, Pinterest boards dedicated to the AR activist diet.

At home in front of the computer, online
Petition, emails from fellow activists, AR group boards, Facebook, Youtube. Blogging, posting comments. So much to do and see and so little time to do  and see it.

In libraries, coffee shops
Making use of free wifi, doing more of the above.