May 29, 2012

Why We Should Not Cull Wildlife

Birds, frogs, marine life, wildlife- they are not meaningless or decorative elements to the life of our world. They are vital and important members of our world's population who do alot to keep our world beautiful, enjoyable and magical. They bless us with their presence and charm. They also pollinate our world, provide jobs and economic growth. They eat millions of insects every year, control invasive species and manage their own populations.

We do not need to cull them. That is a nautral process that has always occurred. At the root of every cull or cull request there is greed. There are cattle ranchers, fishmen, hunters, anglers, big business and their lobbyists. It is not need that creates tthe mood for culls. It is greed and vendetta. A rallying cry agaisnt progress, peace and power loss. These are our times and these days it is animals who are paying the price.

We do not need to eat animals or fish to live. We are destoying our world by doing so. It is time to stop blaming animals and start looking at ourselves and our own selfish, reckless ways.

Imagine we don't stop. Imagine a world without animals, without wildlife. Where we have to spray our wrold regularily with pestacide for insects and our natural foliage withers and dies from lack of pollination. This is the reality that comes from greed and ignorance of our worlds need's.

Wildlife conservation is an important new field. We must support the organizations who work to save and protect animals and shun the ones who still feel the meaning of domination is the right to abuse, murder and steal from. We can govern, we can learn from and we can care. That is our job in regard to wildlife and our pleasure and passion as well.

We do not need to cull and we really shouldn't. We need to conserve. That is where the jobs, our economy and our future is. Our world should be a peaceful, safe and just place for all God's creatures including animals. It time we stopped and listened and understood the call of the wild. It is the love in our our hearts calling us home.